Conserving Our Tax Dollars

  • Approved plan to install new street lights, saving over $3,000 per month.
  • Initiated plan to  install LED lights at the library, saving $1500 per month.
  • Initiated plan to install energy controls in library to reduce energy consumption.
  • Engaged volunteers to work on parks, library, and township hall.
  • Initiated plan to share salt with schools for parking lots, to reduce costs.
  • Initiated plan to  save 60k on the collapsing roof at Station One in Temperance – volunteers donated their time to fix this long-standing issue.
  • Initiated plan to help the Maintenance Department do more with less.
  • Intentionally work toward conservative budgeting - being frugal in everything.

Improving Our Township

  • Initiated plan to begin snow plowing in Bedford (never done in township before).
  • Initiated plan to expand water line (under the tracks on Lewis), working with South County Water. 
  • Initiated plan to develop the Road Asset Plan. Roads are the best they've been in 35 years (Adler Rd remains to be fixed). 
  • Assisted in developing the Green Initiatives Committee of Bedford Township to cut down on mowing native plants and to work on environmental issues.
  • Re-organized ordinance department and cut down on burning (saved 30k from FD not having to respond to illegal burns).

Building Our Community

  • Started Town Hall meetings to help inform and involve residents.
  • Engaged volunteers to work on parks, library, and township hall.
  • Engaged community volunteers to repair Fire Station #1 roof.
  • Worked with ISD to have students work at Township Hall.
  • Approved the Save-Our-Seniors program through the ordinance department.
  • Initiated plan to share a school liason officer between schools to provide more safety for our students.
  • Initiated the creation of committees to develop community events, including Blizzard Fest, Temperance Fest, and Summer Fest. Also working to bring a parade back to Bedford.

In the last four years, Paul has proven that he has the best interests of Bedford's residents at heart. His voting record, accomplishments, and priorities reflect this. 

Some Voting Highlights

  • Voted for the hiring of Fire Chief Adam Massingill
  • Voted for new Fire Ladder Truck
  • Voted for Advance Life Support
  • Voted to Accept Tap Grant for Downtown Temperance
  • Voted for Road Asset Plan
  • Voted for Continued Financial Support for Senior Citizens
  • Voted for Energy Controls for Bedford Branch Library
  • Voted to Fix Crabb Rd. so Syncreon Would Bring Over 100 Jobs to Bedford Township
  • Voted to Run Water Main on Lewis Ave. to Extend Water for Future Customers
  • Voted to Share Cost for School Liaison Officer
  • Voted to Fix Station 1 (should have been done long ago!)