My goal is to bring common sense, honesty, fiscal responsibility and full disclosure to the Bedford Township residents. Having served as Supervisor the last three years on the Bedford Township Board, my voting record clearly reflects my commitment to our residents. 

We must to be open to the needs of the taxpayers, where our decisions reflect the priorities of those we represent, to bring the best of Bedford together as a vibrant community.

Economic development is extremely important to the Township because this is what is going to attract people to Bedford and keep residents here long-term.  I plan to streamline the process of establishing businesses here to make it more attractive and simpler for businesses.  

I plan to work together with business owners by listening to their needs, so that businesses feel supported to thrive in Bedford, rather than facing road blocks and opposition. I am committed to being a good steward of your hard-earned tax dollars. We as a Township need to live within our means and use our dollars effectively with common sense, and reflecting the priorities of you, the people.

I am committed to bringing communication and cohesion between all entities to inform and benefit residents. Township residents should be aware of what we as officials and board members discuss. We work for the residents, which is why I stand for full disclosure. I wish to hear the concerns of residents and  be held accountable for my promises with the vision  to do the best job for our hometown. I plan to work together with board members and community members to make Bedford THE PLACE to raise a family, visit, and live.

On Election Day Vote for Pirrone 2020!




Supervisor Pirrone would be honored to serve the residents for another four years. 

Please feel free to contact directly if you have any questions or suggestions:

Phone: 419-250-4289

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